When it comes to cooking meat, then a simple life experience or innate culinary excellence is sometimes not enough to prepare the perfect dish.  It would seem that they did everything right: they picked the right piece, made a win-win marinade, they heated the oven/grill/pan well, but the miracle did not happen!  Your perfect bite is dry, hard, or completely tasteless.  There may be many reasons for failure, but how to prevent mistakes in the future?  For this, we need a meat thermometer.  With its help, even a novice cook will be able to cook that very “ideal” dish without much effort.  How to choose the right meat thermometer, I’ll tell you now, as well as offer my independent TOP-5 best meat thermometers.

Meat Thermometers: Buyer’s Guide

Who needs a meat thermometer?

Do not think that a meat thermometer is not a device for home use and is suitable only for haute cuisine. But it is an absolutely wrong perception, because the meat is a universal product, and despite the new fashion for raw foods and veganism, it still remains the basis of the diet of most people on the planet. So why deny yourself the pleasure of cooking it correctly and simply?

For each type of meat, the different cooking temperature is required, at which not only pathogenic microorganisms die, but also the taste qualities of the dish are not lost, namely:

Beef – 65-75 ° C;

Pork – 85-90 ° C;

Lamb – 85 ° C;

Bird – 95 ° C.

How does it work?

To measure the temperature of the meat, it is necessary to stick the rod of the device (probe) in the middle of the piece shortly before the end of the cooking process. But it is essential to try not to get into the bone, tendon, or body fat to avoid distortion of temperature indicators.

You should not pierce the meat too often with a dipstick, because that can lead to excessive leakage of juice and your dish can turn out to be dry, and we want to avoid this.

Types of Thermometers

There are three types of kitchen thermometers on the market – digital, mechanical, and conventional liquid. Let’s know about them in detail.

1. Digital

Electronic or digital is the most convenient since they show the most accurate result with less error. They are compact and easy to use. Thermometers in such devices can be either built-in or remote.

2. Mechanical 

It is the most accessible type of thermometer. Instead of the display, the temperature is displayed on a familiar scale with an arrow. Such probes are usually short and do not take up much space, so they can be used both in the oven and cooking in a frying pan.

3. Conventional

Liquid or alcohol thermometers work on the principle of a conventional thermostat. Such models lack a sharp probe for piercing and are used to measure the temperature of liquids.

Types of probes

For every kind of cooking and measurement convenience, thermometers are equipped with different types of probes:

Short probe in the form of a thick needle. Such rods are conveniently used to measure the temperature of small pieces of meat, meatballs, or grills.

Long probe


The long stylus in the form of an awl. It is used for cooking large pieces of meat, such as boiled pork or whole poultry. A short rod, in this case, is not suitable, since it is impossible to reach the center of the piece with it. When choosing such a probe, the most durable model should be preferred, since an unreliable tip can bend or get stuck in the bones, spoiling both the dish and the device itself.

It is the probe in the form of a plug. This device is convenient not only to measure the temperature but also to turn the product over during cooking. But in this case, we should need to be careful, because a double dipstick can leave extra holes, and then too much juice will flow out.

Production material

The best material for the rod is stainless steel, because it is easy to clean, and not susceptible to corrosion and resistant to damage and temperature changes.

Case heat resistance

There are two types of thermometers according to the type of housing: collapsible with a removable probe and devices with a built-in thermometer.

The advantage of the former is that the instrument can be easily disassembled and washed with the probe without damaging the electronics. At the same time, the latter are distinguished by their compactness and are easier to maintain.

Additional features:

Built-in memory. With it, you can easily see the temperature of the last measurement, calculate the optimal cooking time for the next dish, and also configure your personal mode.

Units.  Some models have a built-in temperature switch function from ° C to ° F and vice versa.

Smart features.  Advanced models are equipped with special tips that will help you navigate the choice of mode and temperature, and also signal the degree of readiness of the dish.

TOP 5 best meat thermometers for 2020

1. Karl Weis Thermometer 15305

It is a wireless device measuring only 5.5 by 12 cm and costing about 800 rubles. It’s suitable not only for the oven but also for the pan and grill. It withstands temperature conditions from +0 to + 120 ° С. Pictures with animals on a measuring scale will tell you the optimal cooking temperature for various types of meat.

2. Kromatech PT (JR) -1 / TP-101 Thermometer 38149b027

A stylish wireless thermometer with a long probe costs about 500 rubles and will allow you to measure the temperature of even the thickest piece of meat. The indicated temperature range from -50 to +300 ° C means that the device can be used both for meat and for liquids. There is a function of automatic shutdown and change of a scale ° C and ° F.

3. Thermometer Endever Smart-03

Wireless thermometer with a long probe for measuring the temperature inside large pieces of meat or carcass. It is suitable for liquids and baby food. High precision thermometer with an accuracy of only ± 1 ° C.  Equipped with LED display and ° C and ° F switching function. It costs about 500 rubles.

4. Thermometer Endever Smart-07

For 600 rubles, you will receive a collapsible model.The probe of the model can be easily disconnected from the device for care and compact storage. The thermometer is equipped with auto-shutdown functions, an audible signal to finish cooking, an LCD, and a temperature control function. It has a high accuracy of ± 1 ° C (± 2 or ° F). Temperature 0 ° -250 ° C (32 ° -482 ° F).

5. Zigmund & Shtain Kuchen-Profi MP-66 W Thermometer

A professional thermal probe at a rate of about 1000-1500 rubles, determines the temperature of 8 different types of meat. It is programmed for 20 automatic modes, but there is also manual for independent setting of temperature and time. It allows you to achieve 5 degrees of roasting meat.  Built-in timer. Measured temperature range -20 ~ 250 ° C.


Is using a thermometer harmful for food?

Modern food thermometers are manufactured by international quality standards and the use of high-strength and safe materials. Also, each product must have a quality certificate, which you can request from a store or manufacturer, and make sure the device is secure.

Where to buy a meat thermometer?

You can buy a meat thermometer in any online or offline store: both a specialized culinary store and a universal electronics store.

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