The Turkey Burger Internal Temperature When Done?

The Turkey burger is made out of a combo of dark and light meat and they are gaining popularity in the last few years which serves as a healthy alternative to beef burgers. They are healthier as the turkey meat contains lower fat content and thus provides a unique taste to these burgers and sandwiches.

Now the next question arises when you wanted to cook these burgers. Cooking and forming of the turkey burgers are much the similar way when compared to those of beef counterparts with an exception in the temperature. The other meats including beef and chicken burgers can be cooked at different temperatures to get the varying levels of doneness, but turkey burgers must be cooked singly.

Turkey Burger Internal Temperature

The important point to remember while making turkey burgers is that it is prone to drying out while cooking. This makes the cooking of turkey burger a little tricky to bring the whole to doneness. The difference between the moist, tasty and juicy turkey burger and a dried-up is just a minute or two cooking on the stove or grill.

Well, here in this article we are going to fix and learn how to cook and what will be the internal temperature of the turkey burger to get it to the doneness stage. The best way of cooking the turkey burger thoroughly is to use a meat thermometer.

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Meat Thermometer

Before starting with the cooking procedure of the turkey burger, the absolute tool necessary to get the amazing turkey burger is a meat thermometer. Everyone thinks it’s easy to use the meat thermometer as it indicates the temperature once you poke into the meat. But it is not as easy as you think since the meat thermometer has a lot more details in it to look into including:

  • Type of meat thermometer we use?
  • Type of food you wish to cook?
  • Type of instrument you are using to cook the food?

Though we have different varieties of meals, we share one thing in common is that to determine whether they are cooked at the right specifications. And what would be that one thing in common? The unanimous answer would be the right temperature. So this can be achieved using the meat thermometer that determines the lowest temperature of the food.

Types of a meat thermometer and their usage guidance

There are three types of thermometers to measure the food temperature including analog, digital instant-read, and digital probe meat. There are many flaws and drawbacks included in each, but knowing the right and the perfect way to use them will make your food delicious.

Hence the meat thermometer will help you to determine the right internal temperature of the turkey burger. Turkey burger tastes better when they are cooked at the perfect temperature. And to know the turkey burger temperature when done, you need the right meat thermometer while cooking it.

Turkey burger internal temperature

Since ground turkey is a lean protein, there are high chances that they get dried up during cooking and thus when making turkey burger you need to cook them at the perfect temperature. Knowing the appropriate temperatures for various cooking methods makes the preparation of the turkey burger tasty, juicy and delicious.

There are many factors to be considered while determining the exact turkey burger before cooking. These include:

  • Type of instrument you are cooking on
  • The thickness of the meat and weight

And based on these factors, the guidelines for cooking vary. Here is a brief explanation about the temperatures of turkey burger cooking on these instruments.

The ground temperature needs to be cooked at least at 165°F to kill the bacteria that the burger has in it. The above temperature is slightly higher than the safe temperature which is 160°F. using the digital thermometer is the right way to cook the burger.

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Medium-High Heat

Cooking the turkey burger from medium to high heat ranging from 375°F to 450°F makes the proteins to seize resulting in a touch burger. While cooking it at low heat will expose to high temperature for long and thus leads to drying out. Medium-high is the perfect temperature range to cook the turkey burger to make it moisture and tender.


While grilling the turkey burgers, it is necessary to preheat the great from medium-high. Once the grill has been preheated, it is advisable to place the burger directly on the heat source until it reaches its desired internal temperature. Again the length and time of cooking depend on the size and thickness of the burger patty.

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In a Skillet

This is similar to the grilling procedure and thus needs preheating the skillet before directly placing the burger.


To broil the turkey burger patty, place it on the top quarter of the oven and again preheating is necessary. Then the turkey burger is broiled on the pan for a few minutes based on the thickness.


You can also cook the turkey burger by roasting it in the oven after preheating it to 375°F. It is advisable to put the burger in the rimmed basked sheet and cook for 30 min until it reaches the right temperature.

Stovetop or on an oven

Another method of cooking turkey burgers is to sear them on the stovetop to bring it to brown color and then transferring it to the oven to bring it to the final finishing stage of cooking. Before placing the burger, it is again advisable to preheat both the skillet and the oven to the temperature.

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