What is a meat thermometer and How to Use

The meat thermometer which is also known as the cooking thermometer is used for measuring the internal temperature of the meat especially, the steaks and roasts and other foods that are cooked. The degree of the bread or the doneness is connected closely with the internal temperature, with this, the thermometer reading the temperature indicates that the food is cooked as desired. It is important to remember that the food should be cooked according to the interior which reaches sufficient temperature, in the case where meat is enough to kill pathogens which may cause foodborne illness, or in the case of bread which made by baking, the thermometer helps to ensure that too.

This meat thermometer helps to measure the core temperature of the meat while cooking. This thermometer will have a metal probe with a sharp point that is pressed into the meat and a dial or a digital display. Some even use a bimetallic strip that revolves a needle and that needle shows the temperature on the dial. Let us know exactly how this meat thermometer is used.

How to Use a Meat Thermometer?

It is always preferable to read the instructions given by the manufacturer. You should read carefully about how deeply you are allowed to insert the thermometer in the meat and get the precise reading. The following are the steps that should be read carefully and used while using a food thermometer.

  • Step 1 – It is always important to test it. You should use ice or boiling water for confirming that the thermometer you are using is accurate or not.
  • Step 2 – calibrate the reading which means mark the standard scale of the readings from the temperature. It is also important to read the directions about how to adjust the thermometer just the way it should be.
  • Step 3 –place the thermometer properly. It is very important to understand how to place the thermometer properly and get a precise reading. Place the thermometer on the thickest part of the meat. While doing this make sure that you don’t touch the fat, gristle or bone.
  • Step 4 – Make sure that you don’t rush and follow the process slowly and steadily. You are supposed to wait for the suggested amount of time as per your type of thermometer. You should use the meat thermometer before taking out the meat from the heat source, this is applied for measuring the food items such as lamb, pork, raw beef roasts, and chops and veal steaks. It is better to allow the meat to rest for a minimum of 3 minutes before serving as it might provide you with better quality and safety.
  • Step 5 – Last but not least, take care of your thermometer. Clean it with hot water and wash it with soapy water after using it every time. This will prevent you from bacteria and other illnesses.

Where to Place Meat Thermometer in Turkey?

If you want to be the best host for your guests and prepare one of the best turkeys. You must pick the Thermo Pro digital meat thermometer and get the accurate reading and serve the best food. There are two areas of the bird that should be monitored to get the assurance of the temperature of the turkey.

  • The Thigh – This part of the turkey contains a lot of muscle and flesh, so it should be monitored. You should pop in the thermometer into the thickest part of the leg with a trick. Do not insert it near the bone as the solid calcium will disfigure your readings. It is also important to make sure that you leave some space between the survey and the leg bone. If you follow this properly then you will get the accurate readings.
  • The Breast – This part of the turkey is located in the upper part near the neck. The breast consists of thick muscle and juicy meat which gives this part of the body an ideal setting for getting the readings through the thermometer. This area is perfect because it does not have a lot of bones or cartilage which will get in the way while measuring your readings. This will give you the exact reading.

It is always better to use the best things and get the best results. You know how to use the thermometer in the turkey and now it’s time for you to enlighten yourself about the best meat thermometer. Given below are one of the best meat thermometers which will help you to in picking up the accurate thermometer for yourself.

Types of thermometers which can be useful for you

1.Dail Thermometers – These thermometers get inserted into the meat about 2 to 2 ½ inches. These kinds of thermometers can be harder to read as compared to instant-read thermometers. It takes one or two minutes to read them. They can also be kept inside the meat while cooking in the oven. This becomes easy for you to monitor doneness while you cook. These thermometers are cost-efficient and it can also be used in the large slices of meat.

Dail Thermometers

2. Thermocouples – You can insert this thermometer into the meat about ¼ inch. The needle is very thin so it becomes easy to insert in thin slices or thick ones. They also offer the fastest response as compared to all others.

Meat Thermocouples

3. Digital Instant-read thermometers – These thermometers get inserted into above ½ inch. It is quicker but not as quick as thermocouples and it is also expensive. You should also take care that you should not leave them inside the meat while cooking.

Digital Instant-read thermometers

Closing Statement

Now you exactly know what meat thermometer means and how it is used. All the steps made it clear how it can be used if you ever wish to use it. It is always preferable to measure the temperature of the meat as it can prevent you from many illnesses and diseases.

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